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28 Apr 2003

More links.

08 Mar 2003

New Free Software section with some more links.

09 Feb 2003

Well, took a little longer and there aren't quite as many links yet as planned, but at least it's a start.

01 Dec 2002

Finished the redesign. Since I don't have anything better to put here right now, I will turn this into a little collection of random links. The first set should be up in a couple of days.

Web Comics

My entirely subjective list of the top five (soon to be extended to ten) web comics out there, in alphabetical order since it's practically impossible to rank them.

Bruno the Bandit by Ian McDonald: The exploits of a rather inept villain, also featuring Fiona the micro-dragon. Absolutely hillarious. Also really nice black and white artwork.

Clan of the Cats by Jamie Robertson: Great full color artwork and excellent storytelling, sometimes more serious sometimes more light hearted. Without doubt one of the best web comics around (if not the best).

Elf Life by Carson Fire: The adventures of Baughb the Elf. Excellent artwork (usually black and white) and always great fun. Also comes in an adult swim version which you should avoid if you're offended by naked faeries.

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan by Reinder Dijkhuis: Lots of fun and very nice full color artwork. The latest strip is always free, but the archives are only available to Modern Tales subscribers.

Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams: No need to say much about this one. One of the classics and still one of the best.

Free Software

The best starting point to learn what Free Software is all about is without doubt the GNU Project's site, especially the philosophy section.

One of the largest collections of Free Software is the Debian project, which is being developed by several hundred volunteers. Debian aims to become the Universal Operating System, comprised entirely of Free Software. The primary platform is GNU/Linux, however ports to other kernels, like the Hurd and NetBSD, are under way.

Finally a small selection of important Free Software projects:

GNOME: a free desktop environment with a wide range of applications for all purposes.

Mozilla: not only a very powerful and highly standards compliant web browser, but also a platform for all kinds of applications. Additionally the rendering engine can be embedded into other applications.

OpenOffice.org: a full featured office suite that doesn't have to hide behind its proprietary competitors and is becoming more mature with every release.

GIMP: a powerful pixel oriented image manipulation and composition program.


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